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Privacy Policy

The Topel Winery web site exists to provide you, our customer, with the most up-to-date information about our winery and wines. By allowing you to send email to us and/or submitting your information online, we are not attempting to collect any personal information about you. We will only use any personal or credit card information (such as name, mailing address and email address) contained in your email or submitted directly on our site to respond to your specific inquiry or comments in the email, and/or to ship you wine.

Though we may retain your email for a period of time, we will not use any personal information contained in your email or submitted form for any purpose other than responding to your specific inquiry, purchase of, or comments concerning our wines. We respect your wish to protect your privacy.

We reserve the right to change this statement at any time, so visit this page from time to time to check for changes.